Laura Taylor is one of 10 artists who will share messages of hope, healing, and inclusion at VA medical centers across the country during March to mark Women’s History Month. All women Veterans, these artists have powerful stories to share and tremendous talent. They were chosen to headline the event from a pool of 100 artists and 400 art submissions by VA’s Center for Women Veterans and its partner, the Veteran Artist Program.

A professional graphic designer turned portrait artist, Taylor described her work as patriotic―“It has a tendency to show my love for our country, our flag, the fallen and for those who serve or have served.” Inspired a few years ago to explore patriotic themes by her father, Taylor expresses a desire to use her art as a way of giving back to the Veteran community.

“My Dad was a Vietnam Veteran. I grew up knowing and seeing what PTSD looked like firsthand in our house,” said Taylor. “He suffered from it severely. I really wanted to show my Dad the other side of how we can support Veterans. It became my personal journey with him.”

As a dedicated volunteer with several Veteran-related organizations, she has served as an art instructor, event planner, fundraiser, and all-around Veteran advocate. However, the work that makes her most proud is her portrait work that pays homage to Patriot Guard Riders and Old Glory Honor Flight participants.

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